Permanent Blockout Tape | Strong Plastic Backing | Impervious to Solvents | Use on Both Sides for Permanent Screen Protection


Permanent Blockout Tape is ideal for protecting and blocking out screens on both sides for permanent results. Featuring a strong plastic backing and impervious to solvents, this tape is perfect for ensuring your screen remains safe and sound.

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Keep your screens looking pristine with this permanent blockout tape. This heavy-duty tape is designed to keep any screen from getting damaged no matter what it’s exposed to. The tape has a strong plastic backing that is impervious to most solvents, so it won’t easily peel or warp. The tape is also great for outdoor applications because it’s waterproof and weatherproof. Plus, the adhesive is strong enough to hold the tape in place but easy to remove when needed. So no matter the job, you can trust that this permanent blockout tape will get the job done.

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