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Any Size Screen Frame | Wide Array of Mesh Options | 40 Years of Business in New York.
Unmatched quality in screen printing – Our Restretching Print Screen Frame Service offers a comprehensive solution with precision and accuracy, restretching any size frame and a wide range of mesh options. 40 years of expertise and a solid reputation as a trusted provider in NY and the USA. Optimal mesh tension and consistent results guaranteed.
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Revitalize Your Screen Printing Process with Restretching Screen Printing Frames.

Your screens served you long and well, but now they are worn out, torn and unusable? With our restretching service you can make them like new again.  You can use your restretched frames for your printing projects. Eliminate constant need for buying new frames and save money in long run. Use cost effective durable frames for maximum effectivity. Good quality screen like Premium Aluminum Screen Printing Screens can be restreched multiple times.

Use form below to order Restretching Service online before sending screens. You can also download Order Form, print and fill it in a usual way to send with your screens.

Our Restretching Print Screen Frame Service stands out from the competition. We offer a comprehensive solution for all your screen printing needs, restretching any size screen frame with precision and accuracy. Choose from our wide array of mesh options to meet your specific requirements and achieve your desired results. With 40 years of experience in the industry and a solid reputation as a trusted provider in New York and across the USA, you can count on us for expert service. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your screen frames will maintain optimal mesh tension for maximum longevity and consistent, accurate printing. Choose us for a reliable and professional service that delivers unmatched quality every time.

O.D. Size60 Mesh83 Mesh110 Mesh123 Mesh137 Mesh156 Mesh195 Mesh230 Mesh305 Mesh

To get price for custom dimension please call 718-4542255

Order processing times are at approximately 15 working days. Please take this into consideration before sending your screens. You MUST remove all old mesh, tape and wet plastisol ink. There is a cleaning charge for screens returned dirty. We can NOT process screens with wet ink and will return them! All screens returned with mesh or tape on the top (stretching surface) will get a cleaning charge: up to 31″ – $3. ea,  up to 40″ – $5. ea, Over – 40″ $7. each

Please Note! Screens made with Cyanoacrylate glue require extra work to prepare! Remove all Cyano glue from frames. We must charge extra if you return them uncleaned!

Use form below to order Restretching Service online before sending screens. You can also download Order Form, print and fill it in a usual way to send with your screens. Our customer department will process form in either way.

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Frame Outer Dimensions in.

7×26, 8X10, 8×11, 8×12, 9×12, 10X11, 10×12, 10×14, 10×18, 11X11, 11×15, 11×16, 12X12, 12×16, 12×18, 12×20, 12X22, 12×24, 14×20, 15×19, 15×25, 18×20, 19×22, 19×25, 19×81, 20×20, 21×21, 20×24, 20×28, 21×27, 21×28, 21×31, 22×19, 23×31, 24×24, 30×30, 25×36, 25×46, 28×40, 30×36, 30×40, 33×33, 35×37, 36×36, 36×48, 38×55, 39×59, 40×54, 40×46, 42×56, 44×60, 46×65, 47×52, 48×58, 48×68, 48×72, 50X57, 52×54, 52×60, 55×55, 55×67, 56×70, 56×86, 56×90, 58×82, 62×73, 64×69, 72×96, 94×71, 73×120

Mesh Type

White 60, White 83, White 110, Yellow 110, White 123, White 137, White 156, Dyed 156, White 175, Yellow 175, White 195, Dyed 195, Dyed 230, Dyed 255, Yellow 280, Dyed 305, Yellow 355, Yellow 380, Yellow 420


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