Ulano LX-680 Emulsion


High Quality, High Solids Dual-Cure Emulsion with Excellent Resistance to All Solvent Based and UV inks

Diazo sensitized, high quality, high solids dual-cure emulsion with excellent resistance to all solvent based and UV inks.

LX-680 is very suitable for high quality graphics and industrial printing and for all general purpose, graphic and industrial applications. Latitude, resolution and edge definition are excellent, which makes it ideal for fine line and half tone printing. The solids content 38%, provides superior print quality, and very fast drying. Supplied with a diazo sensitizer in powder form.

*Option of HW Diazo for areas with hard water or possible screen contaminations.

COLOR : Blue

SOLIDS : 38%

SENSITIZER : Diazo Dual Cure



305 MESH 1K MH SPEED (EST.) : 190 seconds

305 MESH 5K MH SPEED (EST.) : 38 seconds

Technical Data Sheet