23x31 Aluminum Screens 230 Mesh Bundle of 12


Great quality aluminum screens stretched by us. We have 40 years of experience in the business. We use only best quality frames, mesh and glue.
These frames are stretched with Saati mesh and double coated with glue.

Perfect for Professionals

Superior Quality and Durability

Are you a professional screen printer looking for high-quality and durable screens for your business? Look no further than our Screen Printing 23x31 Aluminum Screens with 305 Mesh, Bundle of 12. Made from premium aluminum material, our screens are built to last and withstand repeated use. The 305 mesh count ensures that your prints come out crisp and clear every time. Don't settle for cheap and flimsy screens that will break down after just a few uses. Invest in the best with our bundle of 12 premium screens.

Easy to Use and Versatile

Made from high-quality aluminum, our screens are designed to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. They are lightweight yet sturdy, making them easy to handle and store. Plus, the 230 mesh count ensures that they can handle a wide range of inks and substrates, giving you the freedom to experiment with different materials and techniques.

 Affordable and Convenient Subheading: Bulk Bundle for Savings

Looking for an affordable and convenient way to stock up on screens for your screen printing business? Our Screen Printing 23x31 Aluminum Screens with 305 Mesh, Bundle of 12 is the perfect solution. With our bulk bundle, you can save money by purchasing screens in larger quantities. This means you'll always have screens on hand when you need them, without having to constantly reorder. Plus, our screens are easy to store and transport, making them a convenient choice for busy screen printing professionals.