Ulano LX-660 Emulsion


Ulano LX-660 Emulsion is the perfect choice for water based printing. This two part diazo sensitized emulsion is a beautiful pink color and offers superb water resistance, making it ideal for working with plastisol inks. Achieve precise stencils with higher resolution and clarity with LX-660.



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The Perfect Emulsion for Water Based Printing | 2 Part Diazo Sensitized | Super Water Resistance | Works Well with Plastisol Inks | Pink Color

The Ulano LX-660 Emulsion is the perfect choice for any water based printing project. Its two part diazo sensitized formula allows for superior water resistance and makes it ideal for use with Plastisol inks as well as other types of water based inks. Its unique pink color allows for easy visibility when coating your screens and provides a visible contrast when printing.

The LX-660 is a highly durable emulsion, making it great for extended use. Its easy to mix and use, and its viscosity makes it ideal for both manual and automatic coating. With just the right combination of solids, viscosity and open time, the LX-660 provides a strong bond on your screens and a long shelf life.

With its superior water resistance and stellar performance, the Ulano LX-660 Emulsion is the perfect choice for a wide variety of water based printing projects. Its superior durability and superior adhesion make it an ideal choice for all of your water based printing needs. Pick up your bottle of Ulano LX-660 Emulsion today and you won’t be disappointed.

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