Clear Screen Opener Spray # 1641


Clear Screen Opener Spray # 1641 is a fast-acting spray that opens clogged screens with ease. Developed to be emulsion-safe, it won’t leave a film on your screen and works on almost all inks. Make cleaning your screens a breeze with Clear Screen Opener Spray # 1641!

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| Opens Clogged Screens | Emulsion Safe | Leaves No Film | Fast Acting | Works on almost all inks

Introducing the Clear Screen Opener Spray #1641 – the perfect solution to opened up clogged screens and remove dried paint, inks, and laminates. This fast-acting emulsion-safe spray works on almost all inks and leaves no film.

This powerful spray is designed to restore your screen back to its original condition and has the ability to penetrate almost all inks. It is the perfect solution for opening up your clogged screens that are often caused by dried paints, inks and laminates. Once you spray your clogged screen with the Clear Screen Opener Spray # 1641, it will be ready to be used and you’ll be able to start printing right away.

Plus, this spray is emulsion-safe, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your emulsion layer when using it. Plus, it leaves no film or residue, so you won’t be left with any mess.

The Clear Screen Opener Spray # 1641 is the perfect solution for all your screen printing needs and is sure to make your life a lot easier. So don’t wait any longer and get your hands on this amazing product today.

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