Test Print Pellons


Achieve Perfect Alignment with Test Print Pellons

Are you tired of wasting time, resources, and money on misaligned prints? Look no further than our Test Print Pellons to ensure flawless artwork alignment every time. These economical test squares are an essential tool for any screen printing shop, allowing you to fine-tune your designs before printing on your desired substrate.

Improve Your Printing Precision

With our Test Print Pellons, you can achieve the utmost precision in your artwork alignment. These test squares serve as a guide, helping you position your designs accurately on any surface. By performing test prints on pellons, you eliminate the risk of ruining expensive substrates such as shirts or other materials. Save yourself from costly mistakes and invest in this affordable solution that guarantees perfect alignment.

Versatile Options for Every Need

We understand that every screen printing shop has unique requirements, which is why our Test Print Pellons come in a range of colors to cater to your specific needs. Choose from our selection of pellons and be prepared for any printing job that comes your way.

Economical and Efficient Testing Made Easy

Printing mistakes can be costly, both in terms of materials and time. Our Test Print Pellons offer a cost-effective and efficient way to test your designs without sacrificing quality. These black, white and rainbow test squares are designed to give you the best results while keeping your expenses low.

Maximize Your Resources

Printing directly on your desired substrate for testing purposes can lead to wasted materials, especially if your design requires adjustments. With our Test Print Pellons, you can conserve resources by using these economical test squares instead. They provide a reliable surface for testing without using up your expensive materials. Save money, reduce waste, and streamline your printing process.

Quick and Convenient Testing

When time is of the essence, you need a testing solution that is quick and hassle-free. Test Print Pellons allow you to swiftly assess your designs without any complications. Simply print your artwork on the pellon, evaluate the alignment, and make necessary adjustments. This efficient testing process will ensure that you can meet deadlines and deliver high-quality prints to your customers.

Stock Up on Test Print Pellons for Seamless Workflow

To maintain a smooth and uninterrupted workflow in your screen printing shop, it's essential to have an ample supply of Test Print Pellons on hand. By keeping a stack of all black, white and rainbow test squares, you'll be prepared for any design or color variation that comes your way.

Be Ready for Every Printing Scenario

Designs come in various colors, and it's crucial to test their compatibility with different substrates. Our Test Print Pellons in all options allow you to test your artwork across a spectrum of color combinations. By having a supply of these test squares readily available, you can ensure that your prints will always look their best, regardless of the substrate or ink color.

Enhance Your Shop's Efficiency

A well-organized screen printing shop is the key to productivity. By stocking up on Test Print Pellons, you can maintain a seamless workflow and minimize downtime. Say goodbye to last-minute trips to the store or delays in testing your designs. With an adequate supply of these test squares, you'll have peace of mind, knowing that you can test your prints anytime and anywhere.