AQUAWASH Water-Based Ink Remover


Aqua•Wash Water-Based Ink Remover is a specialized cleaning solution designed for screen printers who work with water-based inks. It effectively removes dried water-based inks from screens that would otherwise be difficult to clean and reuse. Aqua•Wash is particularly effective against high-pigment inks and can virtually eliminate mesh ghosting, ensuring optimal screen performance.

Key Features:

1. Removes Dried Water-Based Ink:

Aqua•Wash efficiently cleans all types of modern water-based inks, even those that have dried on screens.

2. Tough on High-Pigment Inks:

The formula is specifically formulated to tackle high-pigment inks commonly used in screen printing.

3. Virtually Eliminates Mesh Ghosting:

By effectively removing ink residues, Aqua•Wash helps eliminate mesh ghosting issues that can affect print quality.

4. Virtually No Odor:

Aqua•Wash is designed to have minimal odor, providing a more pleasant working environment.

5. 100% Biodegradable:

The product is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, minimizing its impact on the ecosystem.

6. Drain Safe:

Aqua•Wash is safe to dispose of down the drain, making cleanup convenient and hassle-free.

7. Non-Caustic:

The formula does not contain caustic ingredients, ensuring safer handling and reducing potential risks.


1. Saves Time and Screens:

Aqua•Wash allows for effective cleaning of screens that were previously challenging to clean, reducing the need for screen replacements and saving time.

2. Screen Opener:

This product can be used as a screen opener while the screens are still on the press, providing added convenience during the printing process.

3. Enhances Printing Efficiency:

By minimizing the time spent on cleaning, Aqua•Wash enables screen printers to focus more on printing, increasing overall productivity.