EASIWAY PT-506 Dip Tank (14 Gallons)


Save Time, Money and the Environment with the PT-506 Dip Tank

Use EASIWAY Dip Tank for Environmentally Friendly Screen Reclaiming

Reduce your environmental impact and save money with the PT-506 Dip Tank. This dip tank is the most eco-friendly solution for screen reclaiming. Easiway dip tank users reduce chemical consumption by up to 70%, decreasing labor needs by up to 50%. By using our dip tank, you'll save money and reduce your shop's carbon footprint. Plus, you can feel good about doing your part to protect the environment.

Easy to Use

Our PT-506 Dip Tank is designed with small shops and manual screen users in mind. This tank is incredibly easy to use, and will save you time and effort during the screen reclaiming process. To use the dip tank, simply add chemical at a 1:7 ratio with water. We recommend using 2-3 gallons of EasiStrip SUPRA One Step Ink Cleaner and Emulsion Remover and up to 10-11 gallons of water (leaving approximately 6-10 inches from the top of the tank for the water to fluctuate when you dip your screens). The tank holds up to 14 gallons of liquid, so you can easily dip multiple screens at once.

High-Quality Materials

Our PT-506 Dip Tank is made from high-quality materials to ensure that it lasts for years to come. The tank is designed to hold up to 2 roller frames, making it perfect for small shops and manual screen users. The tank includes a lid/cover and hold down rods, and is incredibly easy to clean. Please note that this tank does not include a drain.
Tank Includes:
  • Dip Tank
  • Lid/Cover
  • Hold Down Rods
** This tank does not include a drain.