Eco Mist Pallet Adhesive #1782


Introducing Eco Mist Adhesive by AlbaChem: The Ultimate Textile Adhesive

Are you looking for a versatile and dependable adhesive solution for your textile-related projects? Look no further! AlbaChem's Eco Mist Adhesive is here to revolutionize your screen printing, embroidery, apparel manufacturing, and cutting room tasks.

Unleash the Power of Eco Mist Adhesive:

Screen Printing Magic: Eco Mist Adhesive is your trusty companion for screen printing. It offers a temporary bond on pallets, ensuring that your t-shirts, cut pieces, and various textiles stay securely in place during the printing process. No more fabric slipping or misalignment!
Embroidery Excellence: Say goodbye to frustrating fabric shifts while embroidering appliques. Eco Mist holds them firmly in place before stitching, ensuring precision and perfection in every embroidery project.
Apparel Manufacturing Ace: When it comes to apparel manufacturing, precision is key. Eco Mist Adhesive assists in holding blotting paper in place while fabrics are cut. This helps maintain accuracy and saves time in the production process.
Cutting Mats Champion: Eco Mist isn't just for textiles. It's also a great choice for cutting mats. Re-tack your cutting mats with ease, ensuring that they stay in place, making your cutting tasks smoother and safer.

Why Eco Mist Adhesive Stands Out:

Flashable & Versatile: Eco Mist is "flashable," making it ideal for screen printing and embroidery. Its versatility means you can rely on it for a variety of projects.
Cutting Room Essential: If you have a cutting room, Eco Mist is a must-have. It excels in cutting rooms, making your fabric-cutting processes efficient and precise.
Pressure Sensitive Wonder: Eco Mist Adhesive is pressure sensitive, meaning it adheres precisely where you need it without any mess or fuss.
Zero Transfer Worries: Worried about adhesive residue transferring onto your textiles? With Eco Mist, you can put those concerns to rest. It won't transfer, ensuring your final product is pristine.
Hexane-Free Formula: AlbaChem cares about your safety and the environment. Eco Mist Adhesive does not contain hexane, making it a responsible choice for your adhesive needs.
In summary, AlbaChem's Eco Mist Adhesive is your go-to solution for all your textile-related adhesive needs. Whether you're in the world of screen printing, embroidery, apparel manufacturing, or managing a cutting room, Eco Mist will make your tasks easier and more precise. Experience the difference with Eco Mist Adhesive and take your projects to the next level!
Choose Eco Mist Adhesive by AlbaChem today and discover a new level of adhesive performance that will elevate your textile projects to perfection.