ER8500P Emulsion Remover Powder



ER8500P Emulsion Remover Powder

RhinoClean ER8500P Emulsion Remover Powder is easily dissolved into water to create a liquid emulsion remover. This creates a powerful concentrate that can be mixed into many ratios ranging from extremely powerful to your every-day reclaiming liquid.  Biodegradable, water soluble.

RhinoClean Emulsion Remover ER8500 Powder

  • Removes emulsion and capillary films from screens
  • Easy to dissolve contents into water to make reclaiming solutions
  • No separation of active ingredients
  • Low cost per gallon
  • Different mixing ratios allow for stronger/weaker solution
  • Easy to mix in large or small quantities


    1. Mix 1/2 oz. of ER8500P Powder to 1 gallon of water
    2. Stir until all the white powder has dissolved into the water.


  1. Add the solution to a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the front and back of the screen.
  3. Scrub both sides with a chemical resistant scrub pad.
  4. Pressure wash both sides of the screen until the emulsion is completely removed.

Important note:

Never allow any emulsion remover to dry on the screen. This will lock-in the emulsion.