Logos 6 Bulb Exposure Unit with Pin Registration


6 Bulb Exposure Unit with Pin Registration โ€“ Your Ultimate Tool for Precision Screen Printing!

Are you ready to take your screen printing game to the next level? Look no further! Our 6 Bulb Exposure Unit with Pin Registration is the perfect companion for artists, screen printers, and DIY enthusiasts seeking unparalleled precision and efficiency in their work.

Precision Meets Perfection:

Experience the magic of a UV black light system that emits the perfect frequency, ensuring minimal exposure time while maximizing the quality of your prints. Say goodbye to overexposed or underexposed screens โ€“ our exposure unit ensures each print is a masterpiece.

Exclusive Artwork Pin Registration:

Unlock the power of pre-registration with our exclusive artwork pin registration feature. Say goodbye to the tedious alignment process and hello to faster setup times. Achieve impeccable registration with ease, ensuring your prints come out exactly as you envisioned.

Compact and Convenient:

Tight on space? No problem! This tabletop unit is designed to fit seamlessly into your workspace without taking up valuable real estate. Plus, it stores easily when not in use, making it ideal for both professional studios and hobbyists.

Versatile and Reliable:

Whether you're working on small projects or larger prints up to 20x24 OD, this exposure unit delivers consistent and dependable results every time. It's your trusty partner for all your screen printing endeavors.

Key Features:

- UV black light system for optimal exposure
- Exclusive pin registration for precise alignment
- Compact tabletop design for space-saving convenience
- Compatible with frames up to 20x24 OD
Upgrade your screen printing setup with the 6 Bulb Exposure Unit with Pin Registration today and witness the difference in your prints. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to professional-grade results. Don't miss out โ€“ add this must-have tool to your cart now and start creating stunning prints with ease!