Logos Screen Printing Press 1 Color 1 Station


Introducing the Logos Screen Printing Press: Your Gateway to Creativity!

Unlock your inner artist and take your printing projects to the next level with our Logos Screen Printing Press, the ultimate tool for one-color, one-station printing perfection. Crafted with precision and designed for simplicity, this press will revolutionize the way you bring your ideas to life.

Built to Last

Crafted from solid steel, the Logos Screen Printing Press boasts durability that stands the test of time. Say goodbye to wear and tear, thanks to the addition of brass bushings that ensure consistent registration, print after print.

No Compromises

With no springs or shocks to wear out, this press delivers consistent performance, job after job. Plus, it's completely assembled right out of the box, so you can start printing without any hassle or fuss.

Effortless Setup

Forget about fumbling with tools! Our Logos Screen Printing Press easily mounts to any tabletop surface, making it the ideal addition to your workspace. It's the perfect solution for both beginners and seasoned screen printers.

Versatile Printing

The adjustable and removable 16 x 16 standard platen included with your press ensures versatility in your projects. Customize your prints effortlessly and bring your designs to life on a wide range of materials.

Learn and Grow

To kickstart your journey to screen printing excellence, we provide a basic screen printing training video that walks you through the process step by step. No experience? No problem! You'll be creating stunning prints in no time.

Peace of Mind

We stand behind the quality of our Logos Screen Printing Press with a 5-year limited warranty. Your investment is protected, giving you confidence in every print you produce.

Stunning Finish

With a sleek and durable powder-coated finish, this press not only performs exceptionally but also looks great in your workspace. It's a tool that's as stylish as it is functional.

Unlimited Possibilities

Need to expand your printing capabilities? Additional platen options are available, ensuring that your Logos Screen Printing Press grows with you and meets all your printing needs.
Elevate your artistry, streamline your workflow, and unleash your creativity like never before with the Logos Screen Printing Press. Join the ranks of passionate creators who trust Logos for quality, reliability, and endless possibilities in the world of screen printing. Get yours today and start turning your visions into stunning prints!