Have you ever wanted to speed up the curing process of waterbase ink?… or lower the curing temperature needed to cure waterbase screen printing inks?
Total Ink Solutions® has the answer for this!
The Drive Low Cure Catalyst is perfect for screen printers who are using VF brand inks or any of our competitors inks, and that want to print on dye migration prone material, or for printers who do not have forced air conveyor dryers that are required to properly cure water base inks.
When The Drive catalyst additive is added to water to water-based ink, it lowers the curing temperature of the ink from 330º to as low as 180º F .
By lowering the curing point of the ink, not as much heat will be required, and you will be able to print on specialty materials like polyester and tri-blends without the need to worry about dye migration or harming the fabric due to heat issues.
Please keep in mind when using a catalyst, ONLY mix as much ink as you will use for the job. The drive will have a 24 hour shelf life one the catalyst is added to the ink.