Plastisol Nylon Bond


Introducing the Nylon Bond Additive โ€“ your key to unlocking the seamless fusion of ink and nylon in the realm of printing. In the vast landscape of materials, where precision is paramount, don't let your prints fall victim to the wrong ink or a lack of the essential additive.
Picture this: a shop where every print is not just a creation, but a testament to expertise. The Nylon Bond Additive is your secret weapon in achieving flawless prints on nylon materials. No more failed attempts, no more compromises โ€“ just impeccable adhesion that sets your prints apart.
In the intricate dance of materials and ink, our solution emerges as the choreographer, orchestrating a symphony of colors on the canvas of nylon. It's as simple as adding a small dose of the Nylon Bond catalyst to your plastisol ink. The alchemy happens when the correct ratio is struck, ensuring a secure and lasting adhesion to the nylon substrate.
Here's the magic ratio: 2-10% by weight. Just a small addition, yet it transforms your prints into a masterpiece of durability and vibrancy. The Nylon Bond Additive isn't just an additive; it's the missing piece that elevates your prints from good to extraordinary.
In an industry where precision matters, where the right blend can make all the difference, choose the Nylon Bond Additive โ€“ because your prints deserve nothing less than perfection. Elevate your craft, redefine your prints, and let the Nylon Bond Additive be the brushstroke of brilliance in your printing arsenal.