Plastisol Textile Ink Kit by Victory Screen Factory


Save with Plastisol Textile Ink Kit

Flag Red, White, Black, Royal Blue, Golden Yellow
One Quart each (5 qts) 1x4 oz reducer
Set of two ink scoops and Color mixing guide included
Victory Screen Factory  Plastisol Ink - High Opacity formulated for the professional garment printer. Quarts, gallons. Heat Cure at 300 deg.
All inks are for professional use only. It is the printer's responsibility to use the appropriate inks, additives, techniques and curing methods. Always test ink and curing before proceeding! Please note that plastisol curing time and temperature will vary depending on the color and thickness of your ink laydown. All of the ink must reach the curing temp. This may require longer curing time for heavy deposits. Low bleed ink is recommended for polyester and cotton/ poly garments. Underbase may be required.
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Ink color chart

Victory Factory Ink color chart