PMI Clear Blockout Quick Rip Tape


Quick Rip Tape Hand-tearable for Easy Application

Quick Rip Tape is designed to be easily torn by hand, making it simple to apply to any surface. This hand-tearable feature allows for a quick and easy application, without the need for scissors or other tools. With the blue non-adhesive edge, users can easily lift the tape from the screen and adjust its position as needed. The same adhesive and backing as Split Tape ensures a clean removal without leaving any residue behind.

Clean Removal for Restretching Screens

PMI Tape is the perfect solution for printers who want the ability to remove blockout tape cleanly and completely after it does its job. This tape is ideal for those who restretch their screens, as it won't leave any adhesive residue behind. The clear QuickRip tape is also a great option for general blockout use, and its blue non-adhesive strip makes it easy to pick up and remove when it's no longer needed. With Quick Rip Tape, users can feel confident that they won't damage their screens when removing the tape.

Versatile for Variqous Applications

Quick Rip Tape is a versatile solution for a variety of applications, from screen printing to general use. It can be used to block out parts of the print side of screens, ensuring a clean and precise print. It can also be used for general purposes, such as packaging and labeling. The hand-tearable feature makes it easy to use on-the-go or in a pinch, and the blue non-adhesive strip provides added convenience when removing the tape.