PMI Split Tape


Split Tape Clean Removal for Damage-Free Surfaces

PMI Split Tape is designed with blue areas that do not contain adhesive, making it easy to peel the tape cleanly without leaving any residue behind. This ensures that surfaces remain damage-free and eliminates the need for time-consuming clean-up after the tape is removed. With PMI Split Tape, users can feel confident that their surfaces will remain intact and undamaged.

Perfect for Frame Masking

PMI Split Tape is ideal for masking the inside of rigid aluminum, roller, and wood frames. Its unique design makes it easy to apply to the inside of the frame without worrying about damaging the emulsion. The blue areas provide a clear visual of where the adhesive is, ensuring that users can apply the tape accurately and effectively.

Versatile for Various Applications

While PMI Tape is ideal for frame masking, it is also a versatile solution for other applications. Its clean removal feature makes it suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, such as walls, floors, and even furniture. Its durable backing ensures that it can withstand the rigors of any job, and the blue areas provide added convenience when it's time to remove the tape.
PMI 451 Split Tape 3 x 60 yd