Saati Ultrafix PT Pallet Tack Adhesive

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Pallet Tack Securely Holds Garments in Place

Saati Ultrafix PT Pallet Tack Adhesive is a water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive that ensures your garments stay securely in place during the printing process. With its strong bonding ability, this adhesive keeps your designs from shifting or moving, providing a smooth and precise printing experience.

Easy to Apply and Reapply Pallet Tack

This adhesive is easy to apply, as it can be spread evenly onto the pallet with a brush, roller, card, or squeegee. It can also be sprayed using a pneumatic or electric-operated spray gun. Additionally, if you need to make any adjustments during the printing process, the tack can be reactivated by wiping it with a sponge and warm water, allowing for easy reapplication.

Versatile and Long-Lasting

Saati Ultrafix PT Pallet Tack Adhesive is a versatile solution that works well with a variety of fabrics and surfaces. It can be applied to different types of pallets and can withstand multiple washes, ensuring that your garments remain securely in place even after repeated use. Its long-lasting formula provides a reliable hold, making it a cost-effective solution for your printing needs.

Directions to use:

Apply directly onto pallet or on top of pallet protecting tape. Spread a thin layer with brush, roller, card or squeegee and allow to dry before use. Can also be sprayed using pneumatic or electric operated spray gun. Can be reapplied, or tack can be reactivated by whipping with sponge and warm water to remove build up.