Ulano CDF VISION | Dual-cure Capillary Direct Film enhances cross-linking


Unleash Precision and Durability with CDF VISION Dual-Cure Capillary Direct Film

Unleash Your Printing Potential

Revolutionize your printing process with CDF Vision, the ultimate solution for achieving impeccable results. Designed with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, CDF Vision empowers you to take your printing projects to new heights. Discover the exceptional precision, durability, and versatility that this dual-cure capillary direct film offers.

Unrivaled Cross-Linking and Print Quality

Experience enhanced cross-linking like never before with CDF Vision's advanced dual-cure formulation. This remarkable feature ensures optimal photo-polymerization, resulting in sharp printing shoulders and unmatched mechanical durability. Say goodbye to blurred lines and faded prints - CDF Vision delivers crisp and clear images that captivate your audience.

Unparalleled Resolution and Definition

Achieve stunning visual impact with CDF Vision's particulate-size control. By reducing granularity effects, this cutting-edge technology enables you to achieve optimal resolution and definition. Every intricate detail of your design is faithfully reproduced, ensuring your prints leave a lasting impression.

Embrace Adaptability and Reliability

CDF Vision is a versatile companion for all your printing needs. Whether you're working with UVs, vinyls, or solvent-based inks, CDF Vision seamlessly adapts to your chosen medium, providing consistent and reliable results. Its compatibility with various printing applications, such as electronics circuit traces, membrane switches, halftones, CDs and DVDs, ceramic decals, posters, containers, and bottles, makes it the go-to choice for creative professionals.