Ulano CDF VISION PLUS| Enhanced cross-linking yields sharp printing shoulders and mechanical durability


Enhanced Cross-Linking for Uncompromising Print Quality

Experience unparalleled print quality with CDF® VISION PLUS™, the ultimate diazo dual-cure Capillary Direct Film. Our revolutionary product is designed to elevate your printing game by delivering sharp printing shoulders, remarkable stencil toughness, and exceptional mechanical durability. Let's explore the incredible features that set CDF® VISION PLUS™ apart.

Superior Printing Shoulders and Stencil Toughness

Harness the power of enhanced cross-linking with CDF® VISION PLUS™. During exposure, our special formulation creates a robust cross-linking "matrix" that ensures sharp printing shoulders. This unique characteristic allows for precise and accurate printing, capturing even the finest details of your design. Say goodbye to blurry prints and welcome a new level of clarity and precision.

Unrivaled Mechanical Durability

With CDF® VISION PLUS™, durability is never compromised. Our advanced formulation guarantees excellent mechanical strength, providing a resilient stencil that can withstand the demands of high-volume printing. No matter how rigorous your printing process is, our film maintains its integrity, allowing you to achieve consistent, high-quality results every time.

Superb Resolution and Edge Definition

When it comes to print quality, resolution and edge definition are of utmost importance. CDF® VISION PLUS™ excels in delivering exceptional clarity and definition, thanks to our stringent particulate-size control. By eliminating granularity effects, our film ensures superb resolution, bringing your designs to life with stunning precision and detail.

Unmatched Versatility and Compatibility

CDF® VISION PLUS™ is not only a master of print quality but also a versatile companion that suits a wide range of applications. Explore the remarkable compatibility and adaptability of our film for various printing needs.

Extensive Ink Compatibility

Whether you're using UV inks, vinyl inks, or solvent-based inks, CDF® VISION PLUS™ has got you covered. Our film is fully compatible with different ink types, ensuring seamless integration into your printing process. Enjoy the freedom to explore various ink options without compromising on print quality or durability.

Ideal for Diverse Printing Applications

Discover the endless possibilities with CDF® VISION PLUS™. Our film is perfectly suited for numerous printing applications, making it a go-to choice for professionals across industries. From electronics and circuit traces to membrane switches, halftones, CDs and DVDs, ceramic decals, posters, containers, and bottles, CDF® VISION PLUS™ excels in delivering exceptional results in a wide range of applications.

Unparalleled Performance in Every Condition

CDF® VISION PLUS™ is engineered to perform consistently, even in challenging printing environments. Experience the reliability and adaptability of our film, ensuring top-notch results regardless of humidity levels.

Humidity Resistant for Optimal Performance

High humidity conditions can often lead to undesirable effects on printing materials. However, with CDF® VISION PLUS™, you can say goodbye to issues like polishing in the roll and fingerprints. Our film is specially designed to resist these effects, ensuring that your prints remain flawless even in humid environments.

Stability in Low Humidity Environments

On the other hand, low humidity can present its own set of challenges, such as curling in the shop. CDF® VISION PLUS™ is engineered to combat this issue, providing stability and preventing unwanted curling. You can rely on our film to maintain its shape and integrity, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional prints.



Excellent imaging properties

Enhanced cross-linking results in sharp printing shoulders
Microfiltration controls particle size, reducing granularity effects
Superb acutance (printed edge definition) and resolution

Solvent resistant

Compatible with aggressive inks and solvents
Reclaims easily without staining screen fabric

Humidity resistant

Resists polishing in rolls
No fingerprinting

Extremely Easy to Use

Minimal training required
“Pre-coated” stencils = perfect stencils—every time
Consistent exposure time
Consistent stencil thickness = control of ink deposits—and ink costs
Wet processing reduces drying time and pinholes; speeds production

Fast exposure and processing

Fast stencil turnaround
Significantly less labor and production time
Wide exposure latitude