Dual Edge Scoop Coater


Upgrade Your Screen Printing with the Dual Edge Scoop Coater

Achieve perfect emulsion coating with our Dual Edge Scoop Coater! This tool is specifically designed to apply emulsion to your screen, ensuring precise and consistent coverage. With both round and sharp edges, you'll have more options for applying your emulsion. Plus, this coater stands upright and comes with a cover, making it easy to store and protect.

Two Edges for More Coating Choices

With both round and sharp edges, this Coater gives you more options for coating your screens. Whether you prefer a smoother or sharper edge, this coater has you covered.

Stands Upright for Easy Storage

Don't worry about your coater getting damaged or making a mess on your workspace. Our Dual Edge Scoop Coater stands upright when not in use, making it easy to store and protect.

Comes with a Cover for Extra Protection

Keep your Coater clean and protected with the included cover. This cover will keep your coater safe from dust, dirt, and other debris.