20x24 Premium Aluminum Screen Printing Screens


Superior Quality of 20x24 Premium Aluminum Screens for Exceptional Results

Our 20x24 premium aluminum screens for screen printing are made from the highest quality materials to ensure exceptional results every time. We stretch our durable, lightweight  aluminum screens with high quality Saati mesh. Therefore they are easy to handle and ideal for use in a variety of printing applications. With a smooth surface and a perfect tension, our screens provide the perfect foundation for creating vibrant, high-quality prints.

Versatility of 20x24 Premium Aluminum Screens for a Range of Applications

Our 20x24 premium aluminum screens are incredibly versatile and can be used for a range of screen printing applications. Whether you are printing on fabric, paper, or plastic, our screens provide the perfect solution. They are also ideal for printing on a variety of different surfaces, including flat, curved, or irregular surfaces, making them the perfect choice for custom printing projects.

Exceptional Value for Your Money

At our company, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional value for their money. That is why our 20x24 premium aluminum screens are competitively priced, offering you a cost-effective solution for your screen printing needs. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality printing materials, which is why we have made it our mission to provide the best products at affordable prices.


  • Saati HiTex - Good quality, High modulus, Low elongation, Textile, T-shirt, Ceramic
  • Saati HiDro - Thin Thread, Better ink coverage, Better details, Faster print and reduced squeegee pressure, water based inks want dry so fast, Textile 

For Square Frames see Square Premium Aluminum Screens

Use Victory Factory Screen Degreaser  to prepare you screen for emulsion.
Before ordering please visit our Print Screen Dimension Guide to select right size of the frame for your job.
How to select the correct mesh count for my job?
Mesh counts range from 16 lines per inch up to more than 400 lines per inch. Here are some general guidelines for mesh selection.

  • Glitter and metallic inks - Usually 16-60 check with ink supplier. VF glitter works well with 40 mesh. VF Metallics work well with 110 mesh
  • T-Shirts, Standard designs on light colored shirts - 110 to 195
  • T-Shirts, Multi colored fine designs — 156-230
  • T-Shirts, Light colors on dark shirts — 60-110
  • T-Shirts, Process Color - Number of lines per inch on the artwork x 4 — 230-305
  • (T shirt artwork is usually made at 45-65 lines per inch) example: 55 line artwork x 4 = 220 (230 mesh is good)
  • Nylon Jackets — 156-195
  • Signs on metal- 195-230
  • Paper, wood, plastics — 195-355

Using Different Mesh Counts in Screen Printing: A Comprehensive Guide